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PORN: Now the boys were starting to get hard in their jeans and after not having any kind of release for the past 24 hours, they needed to get off and soon! At this point Alex, who was driving the car decided to take one of the back roads so that there is less traffic… however there was another reason he wanted to take the back roads… about halfway down the road Alex decided to pull over and stop the engine, at this point both lads were so hard their jeans were about to burst open and Alex said what was on both boys horny little minds… “Brett we need to get laid and soon, but since there’s no chicks out here there’s only one way either of us are going to get any release and that is to wank” this came as a shock to Brett as the last time they had masturbated together was when he was 14 and discovered girls, this was also when Alex decided to teach Brett how good masturbation could feel… after a few moments of silence had passed Brett decided to speak HD Porn. While driving out of Edinburg the boys were starting to get restless, neither of the boys had gotten lucky the night before which was unusual as their game was usually quite good.

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